Regent’s Park College – 2015 and Beyond


In 2014, Regent’s Park College sent out a questionnaire to alumni alongside its annual publication, Regent’s Now


70 alumni and friends responded to the questionnaire. The responses represented alumni who matriculated all the way back to the 1940s, but those from the 1970s were the best represented.


A total of 60% of those surveyed answered ‘Yes’ when asked ‘Do you continue to feel part of a Regent’s Community.

However, only 30% of those surveyed had attended more than three College events since graduating.


The questionnaire went on to ask what sort of events were missing from the event schedule, and how much was felt to be a fair price to pay for a lunch or dinner at the College.


Based on these responses, a set of key principles were identified which will be used as a cornerstone when designing events in the future.


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And a brand new calendar of alumni events is already in the making, with a focus on providing content that is relevant and accessible to the entire alumni body.


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Respondents were also asked about the College’s fundraising initiatives, and whilst the 63% who had been contacted in the College’s telethon were largely positive about the campaign, there was a call for more clarity over the direction of the College’s fundraising.


Regent’s Park College is determined to thrive as a place of academic excellence for bright, enthusiastic students, and the College will soon publish a fundraising strategy which will lay out its short and long term aims and objectives, and provide areas of focus for those wishing to give to the College.


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