Chapel is a lively meeting point, intersecting faith, study and the arts, and bringing together members of all three common rooms.


Christian worship takes place during term (0th-8th weeks) on Fridays, 5:45-6:30pm.


Regent’s is a Baptist foundation and our worship is inspired by that tradition, but we also strive to be ecumenical, reflecting the composition of the community; we regularly invite guests from other traditions (Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox) to preach in our sermon series’.




Trinity Term 2017 – Chapel Series, ‘Called to be Holy’


Trinity Term 2017 – Ministerial Readings


Hilary Term 2017 – Chapel Series, ‘Faith in a Fractured World’


Michaelmas Term 2016 – Chapel Series, ‘Preparing the Way’


Trinity Term 2016 – Chapel Series, ‘Mortality and Immortality’




The Chapel is a hub for Regent’s musicians (singers and instrumentalists) and is always looking for ways to enable members of the community to showcase their talents!  Our choir, as is the tradition in Oxford, serves the musical needs of the Chapel, singing at Friday services and on other special occasions.  The choir also undertakes occasional choral events, including an annual Advent Carol Service at the end of Michaelmas Term.  For more information, contact the Chapel Music Rep., Molly Boot:




Listen to the choir rehearsing parts of the Deutsche Messe by Franz Schubert (1797-1828), adapted for us by Mr Peter Gunstone.


Kyrie Eleison