History and Economics

A recent addition to undergraduate study at Regent’s, History and Economics is a stimulating and rewarding course. 

With the first undergraduate taken on in 2013, Regent’s is one of the few colleges within Oxford offering this degree, and is now looking to expand its student body, accepting one or two new students annually. 

Within College, the course is supervised by the Director of Studies for History, Dr Leif Dixon, with our Economics Lecturer, Pawel Adrjan, also playing a strong role in course coordination. Compulsory economics modules are sat alongside other Regent’s PPE students, whilst Leif organises tuition for History modules. 

Outside of this, however, the course is an excellent way to experience Oxford on a wider scale, with plentiful choice and provision to sit specialised modules that are usually taught externally. In addition to studying the two subjects separately, there is also scope for options that merge both disciplines, allowing Regent’s History and Economics students to join the small pool of academics in this rare interdisciplinary field.

With Oxford often considered the home of Economic History, due to the high numbers of worldwide leaders in the field housed within our city walls, there is no better place to study this unique course.

Please note that all candidates must take the History Aptitude Test (HAT) in their own school or college or an approved test centre early in the November of the year they apply.  For further information, visit the HAT page on the History Faculty website.

1-2 students admitted per year

Course Information

A BA in 3 years
UCAS code: LV11

Faculty Contact Information

www.history.ox.ac.uk +44 (0) 1865 615020 schools.liaison@history.ox.ac.uk
www.economics.ox.ac.uk +44 (0) 1865 271098 econundergrad@economics.ox.ac.uk