Oxford life can be a bit hectic but Regent’s is the perfect oasis in which to live, socialise and work. Our central location just of St. Giles means that nothing is more than a ten-minute walk away.  The Library is extensively equipped and open twenty-four hours a day – perfect for essay crises when you need to finish an essay late at night. The library features a frosted-glass map of the world, which was the centrepiece of the 1937 Glasgow Exhibition.

Breakfast is served at 8.30, tea and biscuits are provided in the JCR at 11am and 4pm (events known as ‘Brew’), lunch is served at 1pm, dinner at 7pm,  and there is a cooked breakfast on Tuesdays. On Sundays ‘Über brew’ is provided by the JCR; this is a  much larger brew with more junk food. You will never go hungry at Regent’s! In the evenings the college bar is usually open and people congregate in the JCR to plan an evening out or go to one of the many more cultural events in the city.

Our students are fully engaged in University-wide student life: many are frequent contributors to the student newspapers, some are heavily involved in the University drama scene; others have produced or directed professional plays at the Oxford Playhouse, and still others are sportsmen competing at University level. Regent’s truly is the perfect springboard from which to launch yourself into the co-curricular life of the University whilst retaining a strong social and support network within the college.

In addition a staple of college life is the college tortoise, Emmanuelle, who is over one hundred years old and has won the Corpus Christi tortoise race many times. Alongside being the member of the college who has lived at Regent’s longest (she has been around since before anybody can remember), she is everyone’s favourite pet and there is a position of ‘Tortoise Keeper’ on the JCR committee to look after her. Previously assumed to be a male, she was recently confirmed to be female and her name changed slightly to reflect this.