regents_MG_9238_fin-001Meals are available in the dining hall at breakfast time (7.30am onwards), lunchtime (1.00pm) and dinner time (7.00pm) on Mondays through Fridays in term. Term time battels charges for students living on site usually include lunches and dinners, though students can opt out of a certain number of these when they live in college. At lunchtime a salad option is available, as well as a hot meal, and vegetarian meals are always available. Two courses are served at both lunch and dinner. Students living off-site are charged ‘living out battels’ to cover a small number of meals per week in college, although more meals can be taken if students so wish. Lunches and dinners are waiter-served. Grace is said before lunch and dinner.

Friday’s evening meal is Formal Hall: students and staff wear gowns and dress more formally, and students may bring their own wine to the tables for these meals. Twice a term there are JCR guest nights. Other special occasions include the Advent Dinner, the Finalists’ Dinner and the Recognition Formal.




Typical meal costs
Breakfast, lunch and dinner operate on a pay-what-you-eat basis.  Estimated costs are as follows:

  • Breakfast: £1.70 continental; £3.25 cooked breakfast
  • Lunch: £4.00 for main course and dessert
  • Dinner: £4.80 for main course and dessert
  • Formal Hall: £9.80