Dr Matthew Mills


Dr Matthew Mills

Lecturer in Medieval Studies & Development Officer



DPhil, Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford (2012-16)

MA, St Chad’s College, University of Durham (2010-12)

BTh Hons, Greyfriars Hall and Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford (2007-10)





British History II: 1042-1330 (Prelims/FHS)

British History III: 1330-1550 (Prelims/FHS)

General History II: 1000-1300 (Prelims)

OS3: Early Gothic France, c. 1100-c. 1150 (Prelims)

Approaches to History: Art (Prelims)

General History V: 1100-1273 (FHS)

Disciplines of History: Religion, Art, Political Ideas, Ritual (FHS)



Paper 7: The History and Theology of Western Christianity, 1050-1350 (BA FHS) *

Development of Christian Life and Thought: 11th to 14th Centuries (BTh, Part 1)

Church History: 11th to 14th Centuries (BTh, Part 2)

Christian Spirituality (BTh, Part 2)


* Matthew has also contributed to the Faculty lecture series for this paper, on the topics of eleventh-century ecclesiastical reform, monasticism, and the cult of the saints.


Visiting Student Programme

Christian Spirituality

British History, 1330-1550

The Virgin Mary in Medieval Thought

Power and Personality in the Tudor Century


Research Papers & Publications


‘Co-Passion of Charity: Twelfth-Century Love Language and Mary’s Experience of Calvary’, Senior Research Seminar, Regent’s Park College, Oxford, June 2017


‘Affectivity before Anselm: The Evidence of Anglo-Saxon Illuminated Manuscripts’, Art & Articulation, Annual Conference of the Mystical Theology Network, January 2016


Maria, gratia plena: vision, convergence and controversy’, Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary USA, Misericordia University, PA, August 2015


A Gallery of Good Examples: Some Thoughts on the Recent Conference, North of England Saints 600-1500’, Networks and Neighbours, 2015


‘Stephen of Sawley’s Meditations on Our Lady’s Joys and the Medieval History of the Rosary’, Cistercian Studies Quarterly, 50.4 (2015), pp. 424-439


‘Object of the Soul’s Desire: Anselm’s Prayer to Christ’, International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 2014


‘The Virgin Mary, the Real Presence and Clerical Bodies in the 11th century’, Society for the Study of Theology, Postgraduate Conference, Oxford, January 2014


‘The Virgin Mary and Redemption in Anselm’, Graduate Theology Research Seminar, Oxford, May 2013


‘Devotional Texts as Theological Sources: St Anselm’s Marian Orationes’, Society for the Study of Theology, Postgraduate Conference, Edinburgh, December 2011


Funding & Awards


Associate Fellowship, Higher Education Academy, UK (2014)

Studentship, Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK (2012-15)

Bursary, Centre for Catholic Studies/Newman Association, Durham University (2011)

Gibbs Prize, Oxford University (2010)

Samuel Cox Prize, Regent’s Park College, Oxford (2009)


Other roles


Assistant Dean, Regent’s Park College, Oxford (2017-)

Development Officer, Regent’s Park College, Oxford (2015-)

Sessional Lecturer for the MA in Christianity Spirituality, Sarum College, Salisbury (Apr. 2014, 16)

Junior Dean, Regent’s Park College, Oxford (2014-17)

Residential Warden, Regent’s Park College, Oxford (2013-)

MCR President, Regent’s Park College, Oxford (2013-16)