Dr Lucinda Ferguson




Dr Lucinda Ferguson

Director of Studies (Law)

Lucinda Ferguson is University Lecturer in Family Law, University of Oxford; Tutorial Fellow in Law, Oriel College, Oxford; and Director of Studies (Law), Regent’s Park College, Oxford. She is currently Subject Convenor for the FHS Family Law special option. As part of the undergraduate Family Law course, she provides lecture series in Financial Provision upon Relationship Breakdown, Children’s Rights, Child Protection, and Parenthood. 

She holds an MA in Jurisprudence (English Law with German Law) from Magdalen College, Oxford, as well as a BCL from the University of Oxford. She also holds an LLM from Queen’s University, Canada. From 2005 to 2007, she was Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Alberta in Canada. She has worked with the Law Commission of Canada and Canadian provincial governments on various matters relating to family and children’s law, particularly the use of age-based rules in regulating children’s entitlement to make legally effective decisions and the impact of the UNCRC on provincial government policy and practice. 

Her research interests concentrate on family law theory. More particularly, her work adopts an analytic lens that recognises the synchronous tensions of legal theory, empiricism, social and public policy that are frequently co-terminous (and often conflated) within the field of family law.



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Journal Articles

  • Diversity whilst Protecting Children’ (2014) 63 Studies in Law, Politics, and Society 43-87
    • ‘Not Merely Rights for Children but Children’s Rights: The Theory Gap and the Assumption of the Importance of Children’s Rights’ (2013) 21 International Journal of Children’s Rights 177-208
    • ‘Arbitration in Financial Dispute Resolution: The Final Step to Reconstructing the Default(s) and Exception(s)?’ (2012) 35 Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 115-138
  • Mavis Maclean and others, ‘Family Justice in Hard Times: Can We Learn from Other Jurisdictions?’ (2011) 33 Journal of Social Welfare and  Family Law 319
  • Lucinda Ferguson, ‘Family, Social Inequalities, and the Persuasive Force of Interpersonal Obligation’ (2008) 22 Int. J. Fam. L. & Pol’y 61
    • ‘Uncertainty and Indecision in the Legal Regulation of Children: The Albertan Experience’ (2007) 23 Can. J. Fam. L. 159-214
    •  ‘Trial by Proxy: How s.15 Removes Age from Adolescence’ (2005) 4 J.L. & Equality 84
    • ‘The Unexpected Impact of White v. White (2000) – Taking Equality Too Far?’ (2002) 32 Family Law 108

Chapters in edited volumes

Case comments

  • Lucinda Ferguson, ‘Retroactivity, Social Obligation and Child Support’ (2006) 43 U. Alta. L. Rev. 1049-56

Commissioned Research Papers

  • Lucinda Ferguson, The End of an Age: Beyond Age-Based Legal Regulation of Minors’ Entitlement to Participate in and Make Health Care Treatment Decisions (Ottawa, Ont.: Law Commission of Canada, 2005)