Regent’s Student Competes on BBC Gameshow

06 Feb Regent’s Student Competes on BBC Gameshow

Monday, 3rd February saw Regent’s Park College finalist and former JCR President Will Obeney (PPE) appear alongside a friend in the BBC’s gameshow “The Link”.

The show, now in its second season, is hosted by The Fast Show alumnus Mark Williams, and sees three teams of two compete head-to-head to win a cash prize. Rather than simply answering questions, though, the teams must draw a link between the answers to each question in a particular round.

Each round, the lowest scoring team is eliminated until the third round, in which the one remaining team answers increasingly more difficult questions in order to boost their cash total, before being offered the chance to gamble their winnings in an All-or-Nothing chance at a grand prize.

When asked about his experience, Will said “It was great fun. We were given a night in a hotel and toured Glasgow. The show itself was slightly surreal – not only because we actually got quite far, but also because of the lights, sounds, audience, and general gameshow extravagance. As soon as it was over, I wanted to do it all again.”

Will’s incredible performance is available to view on iPlayer by clicking here.