Regent’s Student elected OUSU President

10 Feb Regent’s Student elected OUSU President

Kate ColeMany congratulations to Kate Cole (History and Economics, 3rd Year) who was elected President of the Oxford University Student Union last night with 56% of over four-thousand votes cast; the largest vote for an OUSU presidential candidate for ten years!  A tireless campaigner on mental health issues, particularly the stigma often felt by students struggling with their mental health, Kate has volunteered for the charity, Rethink Mental Illness, and founded her own campaign on behalf of suspended students, SusCam.  With seemingly inexhaustible supplies of energy, Kate has also distinguished herself as a member of the University sailing team.  Regent’s is extremely proud of Kate and we wish her every success.

Dr Leif Dixon, Kate’s Director of Studies, writes:

‘I’ve known Kate for 4 years, and have developed tremendous respect and admiration for her over that time.  I think that when she arrived at Oxford she prided herself on being able to handle any challenge that came her way.  But when illness made her strongly aware for the first time of her limitations, she became not a smaller person but rather proceeded to grow as she discovered new layers of resilience and also a strong empathy for others who experienced difficulty.  As well as remaining a tremendous and dedicated student, Kate has become a great campaigner and a voice for others who struggle to make themselves heard or are afraid to speak.  I could not be more pleased for Kate, who I think will make a brilliant OUSU president.  It is also a testament to what a person can achieve through determination, guts and self-awareness.’