This is a collaborative project of the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage, managed by Prof Paul Fiddes.

Contributors to the project are invited to send a history of their local church, consisting of a mixture of visual images and text, with a stress on the visual component. Images might include old drawings, maps, photographs, scans of documents and diagrams.

The aim is to make local church histories available to a wide audience, and so the productions should be quite popular in style. 

For example, contributors might like to make a powerpoint presentation for a church anniversary which can then be converted to a PDF document. Histories must be submitted in PDF form, and sent to

Contributors are entirely responsible for getting copyright permission, where necessary, for publication of visual images on the web. 

Users of ‘Visual Local Church Histories’ are not permitted to reproduce visual images in any media.

Contributors might like to view the history of New Road Baptist Church Oxford as an example (not template) of what might be done. To view the New Road Baptist Church exemplar, along with another example (Bloomsbury Central), please use the links to the right.