Regent's Park College | Securing the Future
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Securing the Future

Regent’s has a unique history and character, and a commitment to the highest standards in teaching and learning.  In 2017, the College will celebrate sixty years as part of Oxford University; we are now building the case to appeal to new and existing supporters for the funds we need to secure the College for the next sixty years – and beyond!



We need £3-5m, over the next 5 years, to enable us to provide a first-class education to every student who comes through our doors.



Fundraising Priorities


The Development Office has broken down our overall fundraising target of £3-5m over 5 years into four key priority areas: (1) our endowment reserve; (2) academic support; (3) student support; (4) building maintenance. These are the aspects of the College’s life and work which are in need of support and where major gifts would be strategically directed.  One of the benefits of identifying fundraising priorities in this way is to enable prospective donors with particular interests to choose where to direct their gifts. Within three of these areas – academic and student support, and buildings – there are also significant naming opportunities for major donors, as is usual throughout the higher education sector.



Academic Support: Securing Teaching & Research



Regent’s is totally committed to the highest standards in teaching and learning, and our tutors are models of good practice in the University.  In 2013 and 2015, for example, our Tutor in English, Dr Lynn Robson won prestigious teaching awards from OUSU and the University.  We are also dedicated to excellence in research, with a number of our academics publishing cutting-edge work, especially in Theology and History. It is essential that we continue to attract and retain the most outstanding academics to compete with other world-leading institutions.


Major benefactions of at least £1.4 million will allow us to name and endow many of our academic posts. There are significant naming opportunities available to major donors, including Fellowships in Biblical Studies and Theology, Philosophy and Ethics, and English.  Also, given the need to meet changing academic requirements, we are looking to fund posts in Law, History, Geography, Economics and Classics.  The cost of endowing academic posts is as follows:


Tutorial Fellowships – £1.4m (£55k annually)
Stipendiary Lecturers £900k (£35k annually)




Student Support: Securing Learning



At Regent’s we aim to give each of our students the best opportunity to excel in their chosen field. Through the University, we already contribute to a bursary and fee reduction programme, ‘Oxford Opportunity‘, but we would also like develop a bespoke package of student scholarships and bursaries of our own. Undesignated donations to our Student Support Fund are of the greatest benefit because they enable us to respond with flexibility to the changing needs of our students without constraints or restrictions. However, contributions are also welcome towards:


Graduate Scholarships

£250k would permanently endow and name a graduate scholarship. Subject to donors’ preferences, such scholarships can be used for home or international students, linked to particular subjects or academic fields, and be tenable for particular periods of time (the whole of a 3-year degree, for example).



Gifts of over £150k would permanently endow and name a bursary fund, whilst smaller donations could also endow individual bursaries.  As above, donors may restrict their bursaries to students with particular needs or make eligibilty subject to other conditions, although unrestricted gifts (which can be allocated at the discretion of the Fellows) are of the greatest benefit.


Hardship funds

We would be very happy to explore the endowment of a hardship fund with prospective donors, but single gifts of up to £5k would enable us to help our students to meet unexpected costs.  Hardship support can make a huge difference to students, even between dropping-out or continuing their studies.



Building Maintenance: Securing the Site



Regent’s has been developing and improving its site since we arrived here in 1927 and we continue to strive to provide the best quality of accommodation and facilities for our students and conference guests. We will benefit most from undesignated donations towards our Maintenance and Upkeep Fund, however, for donors who wish to leave a lasting legacy, there is considerable scope for naming opportunities with everything from the student common rooms and the Main Library, to the main block of student accommodation.




To discuss any of these opportunities in more detail, contact:
Ms Julie Reynolds, Director of Development & Alumni Relations
+44(0)1865 288141