Seminar: Christian Communities in Migration

05 Mar Seminar: Christian Communities in Migration

On Mondays throughout Hilary Term, the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture is hosting a series of interdisciplinary conversations which aim to shed new light on the unfolding migration context: ‘In-Migration: Cultural and Theological Dialogues on the 21st Century Movements of Peoples’.

In each session, a speaker or speakers will make a key input on an aspect of migration, to which scholars associated with the Centre will offer a response informed by Christian theological reflection and/or practice, followed by Q&A.  Details of the final seminar are as follows:

Christian Communities in Migration


Speaker: Harvey Kwiyani

Respondents: Robin Gibbons and Helen Cameron


Monday 6th March, 5-6pm


Regent’s Park College
Pusey Street, Oxford, OX1 2LB


Harvey Kwiyani is a Malawian mission scholar and practitioner serving in Britain. His work focuses mostly on African Christianity and mission in the Diaspora. He teaches missions and leadership in the Church Mission Society’s Pioneer Ministry Leadership Programme and tutors at All Nations Christian College and Birmingham Christian College. He serves as the Executive Director of Missio Africanus, a cross-cultural missions training initiative that equips African churches in Europe and North America for missional effectiveness in Western cultures. His book, Sent Forth: African Missionary Work in the West (Orbis, 2014) explores theologies of migration in the context of African Christians’ lived experiences in the Diaspora. He is also the founding editor of Missio Africanus: The Journal of African Missiology, and has numerous journal articles published in Africa, Britain, and the United States.


Dr. Robin Gibbons was a Benedictine monk and was appointed one of the Eastern Catholic chaplains for the Greek-Catholic Melkites in the UK. He transferred to that church in 1998. He studied Theology at Kent University and Heythrop College, London, and also History at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. He has taught at Heythrop, St John’s Seminary, Wonersh, and St Marys University, Twickenham, but is now Director of Theology and Religion at Oxford University Department of Continuing Education and is associated with the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture at Regent’s Park College. As one of the Research Fellows for the Centre for Eastern Christianity at Heythrop, Robin has been involved in researching Eastern Christianity, particularly the Middle Eastern communities. His latest monograph was on Eastern Christian Perspectives on the Environment. At present he is re-writing his small monograph on the Eastern Churches.

Dr Helen Cameron is Head of Public Affairs for The Salvation Army in the UK.  With a small team she lobbies on behalf of the groups The Salvation Army serves in the interests of greater social justice.  Prior to that she was Director of the Oxford Centre for Ecclesiology and Practical Theology at Ripon College, Cuddesdon.  She has been a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture at Regent’s Park College since 2007.  Her most recent publication is with SCM: Just Mission: Practical Politics for Local Churches.

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