Dr Shidong Wang



Dr Shidong Wang, FRSA

Director of the Oxford Prospects and Global Development Centre

Dr Wang did Mathematics in his undergraduate and MSc studies. He took a PhD at Bonn University in Germany and spent time as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, before taking up a research and teaching position at Oxford University.


He is interested in Statistics and Probability, and their applications in evolutionary theory, complexity economics modelling, quantitative finance, actuarial science, population genetic, etc. His recent research focuses on building academic frameworks in the social science domains of economics, management, and politics, for instance using formal quantitative approaches from the natural science domains of developmental, evolutionary biology, and mathematics, and justifying the rigorous scientific foundation of social sciences such as international relations, economics and management science via complex interacting systems.


He is also working on the Visiting Student Programme (towards China universities) with a few colleges besides Regent’s, including Mansfield College, Pembroke College, and Worcester College. For those China institutions who would like to recommend/send excellent students to study at Oxford for a term or one year, please consult him with details via email.


He is a visiting professor at the School of Economics of China Youth University of Political Science and Fudan University. He is a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts. Recently he is appointed as the Director of Oxford Prospects and Global Development Centre.




He is teaching at Mathematical Institute in Hilary term 2017. 


B8.3: Mathematical Models of Financial Derivatives  (Wed 9:30-12:30am, C2, weeks 3, 5, 7, and week 1 on Trinity term).  Class teaching assistant: Mr Florian Wechsung


Research & Publications


Mathematical Biology and Population Genetics


‘Fluctuations of a locally regulated population model and generalized Langevin equations’, Quantum Probability and Infinite Dimensional Analysis (2015) (with Savov, M.)


‘Trait substitution tree on two time scales analysis’, Markov Process and Related Fields, 19.1 (2013) (with Bovier, A.)


‘Alternative proof for the recurrence and transience of random walks in random environment with bounded jumps’, Acta Mathematica Scientia, 30A (2009), pp. 289-296 (with Hong W.)


‘Conditioning the logistic branching process on non-extinction’ (2014), minor revision for Theoretical Population Biology (under revision, with Etheridge, A. and Yu, F.)


Application in Economics and Management Sciences


‘The Interactive Allocation of Initial Water Rights based on the strictest water resources management system in the Basin’, International Conference on Management Science and Engineering (2014) (with Wu, D.)


‘Innovation, competition, diversification: a tree form dynamics of long term development’, submitted to Mathematical Social Science (2014) (Cheng, W.)


‘The design and application of performance appraisal system of water environment protection among regions in the river basin’, Water Recourse Protection, 30.6 (2014) (Wu, D. and Ma, C.)


‘Evaluation Method for Integrated River Basin Management and its application in Huaihe River Basin’, submitted to International Journal of Water Resources Development (2014) (Wu, D.)