The Transformative Power of Vulnerability

08 Feb The Transformative Power of Vulnerability

Pamela S. Anderson

Pamela Sue Anderson, Professor of Modern European Philosophy of Religion and Fellow at Regent’s Park College, has written an article and given an interview in connection with her current research, which is being supported by the John Templeton Foundation.

Click here for Pamela’s article and here for the Q&A.

The Enhancing Life Project explores an essential aspiration of human beings that moves persons and communities into the future.  Given the profound expansion of human power through technology as well as advances in genetics, ecology, and other fields, the vulnerability and endangerment as well as the enhancement of life are dominant themes in the global age. The Enhancing Life Project aims to explore this rich but widely unexamined dimension of human aspiration and social life, and increase knowledge so that life might be enriched. (Source: The Enhancing Life Project blog.)