AZIZ Postgraduate Scholarship

20 Dec AZIZ Postgraduate Scholarship


APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN for an Aziz Foundation Scholarship at the University of Oxford: Developing Public Policy Practitioners from British Muslim Communities.

The Aziz Foundation is an independent grant-making body dedicated to supporting the most disadvantaged communities in Britain. It strives to do this through supporting community empowerment and leadership development in these communities, and greater public engagement by them in wider society. The Foundation is offering a one-year scholarship, either for a one-year Master’s degree, or for one year of a two-year Master’s degree of the University of Oxford, to be held at Regent’s Park College, Oxford. The scholarship offers a unique opportunity for an exceptional student actively engaged in British Muslim communities and interested in how the needs of these communities may be met through public policy work. Further, the Foundation wishes to support students who would like to pursue a career in public policy not just to benefit Muslim communities, but all communities, in pursuit of their specific and common goals that will help create a more cohesive Britain.

About the Scholarship

The scholarship will cover tuition and living expenses for a year, up to a total of £25,000. The range of courses to be supported includes: theology, philosophy, politics, economics, history, education, public health, urban policy, fine arts, and area and development studies. For a full list of courses, see below. The chosen scholar will be given a mentor to support and guide them during and after their study. They will further undertake two short placements with a community or research organisation and a statutory sector agency respectively, to enable them to develop their skills and insights with regards to policy work from ‘both ends of the telescope’, the community and policy-making ends. These combined elements will ensure an excellent grounding for the policy and bridge building work expected to follow after the scholarship experience.


In addition to the academic requirements of the University, applicants should: be active within a Muslim community and their wider community, and demonstrate a desire to develop intellectual skills within a multi-faith and secular environment; be able to demonstrate long-term commitment to community/societal development and working for good relations through effecting public policy; and be eligible for Home/EU fee status at the University. The scholarship is dependent on first being admitted to the University by the relevant faculty or department.

Supporting Materials

Candidates should submit their application to the University for graduate study by the relevant deadline, as set for the course chosen (this may be 6 January, 20 January or 10 March 2017, depending on the course). This application should nominate Regent’s Park College as their first choice, and they should enter the Aziz Foundation Scholarship in the section where applicants are asked to list the funding for which they have applied. They should also submit separately to Regent’s Park College, Oxford: (1) a statement of no more than 1,000 words setting out how they meet the criteria above, particularly with regards to community engagement and involvement, addressing also how they hope to use this scholarship for their future work; (2) a CV detailing their qualifications and work history (no longer than 2 pages); a short covering letter setting out which course they are intending to apply for, and if relevant, the focus/specialism of the course; a copy of their University application (it is possible to download this once completed). Applications for the scholarship (not admission to a course) should be made to: The Admissions Office, Regent’s Park College, Pusey Street, Oxford, OX1 2LB; or by email to Ms Bailey Thomas ( by Thursday 6 April 2017. Interviews will be held for those short-listed in mid-May 2017, and a decision made by the end of May 2017.

The Aziz Foundation welcomes informal enquiries from candidates considering an application. Enquiries should be made to It is also possible to make separate application to Regent’s Park College if candidates have already submitted an application to the University without mention of the Aziz Foundation Scholarship.

Eligible Courses

The courses to which the scholarship can be applied are as follows:

British and European History;


Development Studies;


Economic and Social History;


English Studies;

Environmental Change and Management;

Fine Art;

Global and Imperial History;

Global Governance and Diplomacy;

History of Art and Visual Culture;

Historical Studies;

International Human Rights Law;

International Relations;

Islamic Art and Archaeology;

Islamic Studies and History;

Nature, Society and Environmental Governance;


Philosophical Theology;

Politics (Comparative Government);

Politics (European Politics and Society);

Politics (Political theory);

Politics Research;

Social Anthropology;


Study of Religion;


Women’s Studies;

World Literatures in English.