Bible in Art & Migration: Dr Casey Strine

03 Feb Bible in Art & Migration: Dr Casey Strine

On Mondays throughout Hilary Term, the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture is hosting a series of interdisciplinary conversations which aim to shed new light on the unfolding migration context: ‘In-Migration: Cultural and Theological Dialogues on the 21st Century Movements of Peoples’.

In each session, a speaker will make a key input on an aspect of migration, to which scholars associated with the Centre will offer a response informed by Christian theological reflection and/or practice.  Details of the second seminar are as follows:


Version 2

Bible in Art & Migration

Speaker: Dr Casey Strine*

Monday 6 February, 5pm

Regent’s Park College
Pusey Street, Oxford, OX1 2LB


*Dr Casey Strine is Lecturer in Ancient Near Eastern History and Literature at the University of Sheffield. Strine studies the history, literature, and cultures of the ancient Near East (the area now known as the Middle East) with a specialization in ancient Israel. He has also collaborated with artist/art therapist Emilie Taylor to lead the ‘Back Where You Came From’ project, which enables people seeking sanctuary in the UK to read and respond to texts about involuntary migration in the book of Genesis through art. Strine is the author of the award winning Sworn Enemies (Walter de Gruyter, 2013) and a contributor to When the Son of Man Didn’t Come (Fortress Press, 2016).

Bill ProsserResponding will be Dr. Bill Prosser: Research Associate of the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture and previously Leverhulme Senior Research Fellow at the University of Reading and Andrew W. Mellon Research Fellow at the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas.Originally an illustrator for the Sunday Times, New Society, British Airways and American Express, Bill says “this orderly career has fragmented into drawings of Mickey Mouse, Samuel Beckett’s doodles and marginal indoor spaces”. His work has been exhibited in Europe and the United States, and he is now making drawings of food leftovers, some cell-wall remnants in Reading gaol, and a series based on Xavier de Maistre’s A Journey Round My Room.

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