Classics and English

If you have an interest in how literature and culture interact with each other, enjoy close reading, and are keen on history, then Classics and English will appeal to you.


Regent’s has a strong and vibrant tradition in both subjects giving it the academic resources to support the joint Classics and English degree. During the degree, you will study English language and literature alongside Latin and/or Greek language and literature. If you have an A-level (or its equivalent) in Latin and/or Greek, this is a three-year degree course (Course I). The first year of the course is divided equally between the Classical and English elements with opportunities to study English Renaissance literature and works by Homer, Aeschylus, Virgil, and Cicero. If you haven’t had the chance to study either language at school or college then it is a four-year course (Course II) with a preliminary year in which you will learn one language, combined with some study of classical literature. Link papers in subjects such as Tragedy, Epic and Satire form the core of the Classics and English course at Oxford, and are studied over the second and third years (or third and fourth years). These papers emphasise the interactions between Classics and English, and give you the opportunity to compare texts from both sides of the course as well as across the centuries.

As it is situated in the heart of Oxford, Regent’s is close to the Bodleian, Sackler and English Faculty Libraries which house Oxford’s remarkable collections in both Classics and English. The English Faculty is a 10-minute walk away and the Classics Faculty is about 200 metres from our doorstep. The Sackler Library is right around the corner and the Bodleian an easy 5 minute walk through Oxford’s bustling streets. 

The College usually has a pool of three or four places to offer each year in Classics and English, Classics, and Classical Archaeology and Ancient History.


6 students admitted each year: normally, 2 Classics and English, 2 Classics, 1 Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, and 1 Ancient and Modern History.

Course Information

A BA in 3 or 4 years
UCAS code: QQ38 (Course I)
QQH8 (Course II)

Faculty Contact Information
+44 (0) 1865 288372