Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Two or three students are admitted each year to study PPE, though the number can vary. Students are taught both in college and externally, allowing for a wide experience of this quintessentially Oxonian degree.


PPE brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the social and human world around us, developing skills useful for a whole range of future careers and activities. It is a multidisciplinary degree designed for those who like to draw connections among political, economic and social phenomena. It offers a social science based education underpinned by philosophical rigour. Course details can be found on the PPE programme website.


The degree has, over the years, produced numerous eminent philosophers, political scientists and economists, as well as heads of state, distinguished public servants, politicians, industrialists, financiers, journalists, and a host of other professionals who are distinctive in their ability to think critically and creatively about issues of public significance.

3 students admitted per year

Course Information

A BA in 3 years
UCAS code: L0V0

Faculty Contact Information

+44 (0) 1865 271098