Regent’s Student Nominates Inspirational Teacher

24 May Regent’s Student Nominates Inspirational Teacher

Jude Devlin

Inspirational Teachers Awards 2016

Mrs Jude Devlin, a Religious Studies teacher from St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School (Birmingham), has been honoured with an Oxford Inspirational Teacher award after being nominated by Regent’s student Gemma Baker.

The Inspirational Teaching Awards were created to celebrate and recognise teachers from state schools and colleges who have made an outstanding impact on their students.

Gemma, a first year student studying Theology, celebrated the prize ceremony with Mrs Devlin on the 6th of May.  She says:  ‘Today, teachers are often undervalued and the invaluable impact they have on student’s lives is not recognised.   Quite simply, Mrs Devlin is the reason that I am at Oxford; her advice gave me the courage and wisdom to apply, and I am having the most amazing time!  Had I been able to nominate several teachers, I am fortunate to be able to say that would have been quite easy and I want to thank all the staff at St Thomas Aquinas for all their encouragement and support.  I also urge all young people to be fearless in pursuing their dreams, particularly when considering making an application to Oxbridge.’

The full article and a video featuring Jude and Gemma can be seen here.

Author: Holly Kelsey (History and English, 2015), JCR Access and Outreach Officer