McCandless Lecture 2016: A Brief History of Deep Time

08 Feb McCandless Lecture 2016: A Brief History of Deep Time

On Thursday 18th February 2016 at 5pm our annual McCandless Lecture will be given by Professor Cliff Wargelin (Professor of Modern European History, Georgetown College) on the theme: ‘A Brief History of Deep Time: A Modern Historian’s Personal Journey Into Prehistory’. Professor Wargelin’s paper will review the new – and constantly changing – information which has emerged in recent years about human prehistory, both through DNA studies, such the Genographic Project, and new fossil discoveries in the field. Using his own genetic inheritance as a reference point and recounting the personal narrative of his emerging interest in the prehistoric, Professor Wargelin aims to demonstrate how recent breakthroughs in the field of prehistory hold significance for him as a Professor of Modern European History, and indeed for all academics regardless of discipline or specialization.  All welcome.