‘Movements for Peace in 1914’ – 6th December

‘Movements for Peace in 1914’ – 6th December

Centre for Baptist History and Heritage, Oxford with the Baptist Historical Society

A German-British Conference Commemorating the Founding in 1914 of the World Alliance for Promoting Friendship through the Churches

‘Movements for Peace in 1914’

6 December 2014

Speakers Include:

  • ‘ An Alliance for International Friendship? Sentiment, Reality, Hope ’ by Keith W. Clements (Former General Secretary of the Council of European Churches)
  • ‘The Relation between the International Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Early Civil Rights Movement ’ by Andrea Strübind (Professor of Church History and Dean of Faculty, Institut für Evangelische Theologie, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg )
  • ‘Friedrich Siegmund-Schultze, a Founder of the Peace Movement’, by Erich Geldbach (Emeritus Professor of Ecumenical Theology, Evangelisch-Theologischen Fakultät, University of Bochum and Honorary Professor, University of Marburg )
  • ‘Herbert Patrick. Pioneer for peace in England and Germany’, by Frank Fornaçon (German Baptist minister, Editor of Criscare, Magazine for Christians in Health Professions)
  • ‘Baptist Connections in the early years of the Fellowship of Reconciliation’ by Ian Randall (formerly Professor of Church History, International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague)

There will also be a small exhibition of materials from the Angus Library related to Nonconformists and the First World War.

Conference attendance costs £10, payable on the day. Please register by emailing paul.fiddes@regents.ox.ac.uk to secure your place.

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