My research has mostly focused on the question of racism, debates over immigration and ‘British values’ from the Second World War to the current debate about the implementation of the government imposed ‘Prevent Duty’. At the moment, however, I am engaged on a new project documenting changes in working conditions and career opportunities for young people.

I hold degrees from Oxford (BA, 1987 and DPhil, 1997), and the London School of Economics (MSc, 1993).

My role in College

I have previously coordinated tuition for politics students in the College, and continue to teach Marxism, Political Sociology, and Sociological Theory.

Selected Quote

“The relations connecting the labour of one individual with that of the rest appear, not as direct social relations between individuals at work, but as what they really are, material relations between persons and social relations between things.” Marx, Capital, 1.1.4
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