Footsteps is a training course in Christian discipleship for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of faith and develop their skills in ministry.

It helps people make connections between different areas of faith and practice with lively, effective mission at its heart. There is both a Footsteps 1 course; and for those who have finished Footsteps 1 a second year – Footsteps 2. There are also occasional Footsteps days open to anyone whether they have been on a previous course or not.  Footsteps has been developed through partnerships between Regent’s Park College and the Southern Counties and now the Central Baptist Associations.

All courses run over ten Saturdays – September to June – from 10 am to 4 pm. In SCBA, they are held at Thatcham Baptist Church, and in CBA in Milton Keynes. While the majority of participants come from CBA and SCBA, the courses welcome people from other associations and denominations.

Footsteps 1 is open to anyone, supported by the local church, who wants to become better equipped for service in ministry and mission. It has been created for a range of people involved in local churches, whatever their previous experience, educational qualifications or age. Trainers also come from a variety of backgrounds, each with different knowledge and understanding, so that they offer fresh perspectives and examples of good practice. Footsteps recognises the learning and experience which participants bring and encourages them to draw on these as they interact with each other and with the trainers, in exploring key issues and new ideas. The course is set in a context of worship and prayer with opportunities to support one another in small pastoral groups.

Footsteps seeks to support you to deepen your spirituality and relationship with God, to reflect on and extend your understanding of your faith and to develop your gifts so that they may be used more effectively in the church and the community.

There is also a stream running through Footsteps 1 in the SCBA that develops understanding and skills especially for ministry with children, youth and families. We are excited to have this new development in partnership with Bristol Baptist College.

We are not running the Footsteps Courses in 2020/21 due to the Covid-19 pandemic but we will be relaunching Footsteps in the Autumn of 2022.