Footsteps Pathway Courses are designed for church members who think more deeply about living as a Christian in the modern world so that it helps them in the way they serve God in and beyond the church. They are practically orientated courses, delivered from a mission perspective.

Footsteps Pathway Courses are part of an initiative from the five Baptist churches of England and Wales together with the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Engaging with the course means you will be part of something much bigger. Yet key to the courses is its flexibility, so you can engage in a way that suits you. You can complete all the courses, together with assignments, or you can pick and choose those which are of particular interest, come and participate in the sessions, but not have to write any assignments.

All the courses are delivered in an interactive style, with discussion, group work and notes provided, and designed so that participants can gain fresh insights and learn new skills.


There are twelve core courses, which look at, for example the Bible, Preaching, Worship, Pastoral Care, Mission and Leadership Skills. They are taught on Saturdays and on weeknight evenings in a whole variety of local churches and have been held in such diverse places as Coventry, Milton Keynes, Hertford, High Wycombe, Oxford, Newbury, Salisbury and Southampton. Some of the course can also be undertaken through distance learning.

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