‘The Scottish Play’ Comes to Life in Regent’s Park Quad

17 Feb ‘The Scottish Play’ Comes to Life in Regent’s Park Quad

It’s a freezing February night, and three pale figures stand shrieking and wild-eyed before the windows of Helwys Hall.

But Hilary Term essay-crisis this is not. Rather, this is work of Regent’s Park undergrads Lucy Clarke (2013, History & English) and Thomas Fawcett (2013, Philosophy & Theology), whose open-air production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth opens this Wednesday evening.

Framed against the imposing, Art Deco façade of the College’s dining hall, this stylish production makes use of harsh flood lighting and sleek, modern costumes to capture the tense and often bleak atmosphere of The Bard’s famous tale of betrayal in the pursuit of power.

If the attached trailer is not enough to tempt you to brace the winter chill, then the fact that mulled wine will be on offer surely will!

Macbeth is playing at Regent’s Park College this Wednesday, 18th and Thursday, 19th February. Tickets can be purchased below:

Wednesday tickets
Thursday tickets