Emmanuelle has been in the College quad for longer than any of us can remember. If you would like to give a gift to the College, the effects of which will even outlast Emmanuelle, join the Emmanuelle Society.

The purpose of the Emmanuelle Society is to provide an annual and lasting tribute to an individual or group and to augment book purchases by Regent’s Park College library. Members join the Emmanuelle Society with a minimum contribution of £500 which is paid in one lump sum. The initial gift will be invested in the Library’s Emmanuelle Endowment Fund and may be added to at any time. The earnings generated by each £500 will provide one book each year for the library. The gift may be designated in a broad subject area. If books are ever replaced by other media your gift will be used to contribute to that instead.

Giving back to college is immensely rewarding, as an alumnus explains:

“I am proud of Regent’s and I am extremely grateful for the education and opportunities I was given. I have hundreds of happy memories from my three years of student life and giving a monthly donation is a small way to say thank you. Dining at Formal Hall every Friday, brew in the JCR, joining every sort of society and playing with Emmanuelle while revising in the Quad – I count myself so lucky for those days. Giving something back now is the least I can do. Also, by being a donor I still get to play a part in Regent’s life even though I’ve graduated, and I love being involved in the College community. I know that my gifts will be helping future students with bursaries, books and JCR activities. I think that if as alumni we all supported our College a little bit – with whatever we can, as often as we can – then more young people will benefit from the unique opportunities that we ourselves were so fortunate to have had.” Rachel Third (Philosophy and Theology, 2012)

Members of the Emmanuelle Society will receive an acknowledgement letter upon receipt of the gift, and the person or group honoured will receive notification of the honour bestowed upon them. We will write to you each year to tell you the title of the book purchased. In the future, if we are unable to contact you by either letter or email we reserved the right to include the donation in the general library endowment. Announcements about the Emmanuelle Society will be sent to all members and will also be put onto the College website.

For more information, email: development@regents.ox.ac.uk.