The deadline for applications for 2024 entry has passed. The deadline for applications for entry in 2025 is 15 October 2024, and applications should be made through UCAS. Interviews take place in December and will be online.


Applicants can specify either a college or Permanent Private Hall (PPH) as their ‘college of preference’ using the online UCAS application system. There is a drop-down list from which candidates choose their college or PPH, each of which have ‘campus codes’. Regent’s Park is campus code 8. We participate in University open days, but those interested in seeing the College and meeting staff and/or students are welcome to make appointments to come and look around at other convenient times.


Interviews take place in December each year, usually spread out over two or three days. The format for interviews varies a little from subject to subject; most require written work to be sent in advance, and some require applicants to sit an unseen (sometimes written) test as part of the interview process. It’s good advice to read as much in your chosen subject as you can before interview, and to practise critical skills. Conditional offers are usually grades of AAA at A Level, but in some cases may include A*s. Offers for students sitting the International Baccalaureate or other qualifications will be at an equivalent level. More information is available on the University website.

Please note that all interviews are conducted virtually.

+44 (0)1865 288153