Regent’s Park College welcomes applications from Visiting Students. If you are accepted you will become a member of a small but thriving community and be fully integrated into undergraduate life in both College and University.

Whether you decide to study for one, two or three terms at Regent’s, you will have the opportunity to experience an academically stimulating course of study as well as the varied cultural, social and sporting life of the University.

Regent’s Park College has established Visiting Student programmes with four institutions in USA: Georgetown College, Kentucky; William Jewell College, Missouri; Mercer University, Georgia; and Columbus State University, Georgia. Prospective visiting students should take time to browse our website, following the links to find out more about life here. If you have any queries or would like more information on undergraduate opportunities beyond what is on the website, please contact the Director of the Visiting Student Programme, Dr Lynn Robson: If you will be a postgraduate visiting student, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr Kate Kirkpatrick:

Academic Study at Oxford

The academic year at Oxford is divided into three terms: Michaelmas (early October to early December); Hilary (early-mid January to early-mid March), and Trinity (late April to late June). Each term comprises eight weeks of tuition, but you are expected to arrive in the week before term begins. There are two 5-week long vacations between the three terms. Spending a full academic year at Regent’s Park College will give you the opportunity to gain as much as possible from the intellectually stimulating and academically challenging environment of Oxford University, but we are also happy to consider applications to study for one or two terms. Visiting Students do not sit examinations but your progress at Regent’s will be closely monitored with termly reports from your tutors, which will be discussed with you. The grades you receive during your time at Oxford are converted for accreditation at your home institution.

The Tutorial System

The tutorial lies at the heart of Oxford University’s teaching. You will attend lectures and classes as part of your course of study but it is in the tutorial that you will engage most closely and excitingly with your chosen topic and your own ideas. A tutorial lasts for one hour and you will be taught by a tutor either individually or with one other student. It is a concentrated period of discussion and debate for which you will prepare in advance by completing an assignment such as an essay or a set problem. To make the most of tutorials you must be motivated and organised. Experiencing this method of teaching will improve your independent study skills and help you learn how to defend and debate your ideas. Tutorials will be with College-employed academics – Fellows, Lecturers and advanced Graduate Scholars – and (in common with students on the Oxford full-degree course) you may be tutored by qualified academics in other Oxford colleges.

Courses Available

Regent’s Park College specialises in the teaching of subjects in the Arts and Humanities. For you to make the most of your time you will need to plan your courses of study carefully in consultation with faculty members in your home institution and at Regent’s. Most Visiting Students study two subjects per term: a ‘major’ topic (eight tutorials) and a ‘minor’ one (four tutorials). We will need to be certain that you meet the required academic standards as well as showing intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for your subject. Below is a list of the academic subjects that are available to Visiting Students at Regent’s. Please browse the websites for more detailed information. You should plan to study ‘second-year’ or ‘third-year’ courses for undergraduates, although some ‘first-year’ courses may be suitable depending on your academic background. It is important that you make the right choices, so please contact the Director of the Visiting Student Programme before making your application to explore your possible choices in detail.

Application Form (Independent Students)

We are delighted to accept independent applications from overseas students as well. The deadline for applications is 28th February.

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