For many years, our churches have been served by Lay Preachers and Lay Pastors who have provided a significant and sustaining Ministry.

In recent years, the Baptist Union and the various Baptist colleges have worked together to ensure that we are offering the best possible training and support to those who feel a sense of calling to these important roles. Under the title of the Baptist Training Partnership, there is now a course that has been developed by the Colleges and Ministry Department together and taught in various ways by the different Colleges. For further details download the Baptist Union ‘Baptist Training Partnership’ Brochure.

At the heart of this scheme, each person needs to put together a portfolio of training and study. In other words, rather than necessarily following one course all the way through, appropriate training and study that has already been undertaken in the recent past and courses from other Colleges can be included. This allows the flexibility for each person to undertake training that is accessible and at an appropriate speed until they have put together all that they need.

The modules of the Growing in Service course reflect the requirements of the Baptist Training Partnership. The way we deliver all the necessary formation and training begins with the Learning Collective (tLC) course, either in the Southern Counties Baptist Association or the Central Baptist Association. The two years of tLC, together with the relevant assignments, all contributes to the portfolio. Depending on options chosen in tLC and on any previous study personally tailored further study is arranged following on the end of tLC course to complete the portfolio.


Download the BUBG Baptist Training Partnership Brochure

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