It is a great pleasure to introduce the College and its community to you.

We trace our origins back into the middle of the eighteenth century (a mere stripling by Oxford standards), but we have been on our current site in the heart of this great University city for about 90 years. We are one of the smaller academic communities in Oxford, with around 200 students. We admit for a range of undergraduate subjects across the humanities and social sciences; we have a growing graduate community with a somewhat wider range of disciplines and nationalities represented; about 25 or so students are preparing for ordination.

Our small size means that we form a close-knit and informal community of staff and students, holding the best of Oxford traditions while interpreting them in a distinctive way. It is easy to be involved and engaged here at Regent’s – in academic conversation, student common room affairs, sports and cultural activities, and even college governance. We greatly value the input of our students in every aspect of college life, and in partnership with them create an exceptional community focused on learning and research.

Regent’s is a diverse body made up of individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and life experience. We hope that each member of the College will live up to our motto “test everything, and hold fast to the good”, so helping us to offer an outstanding education and rounded student experience, living and working together in an open, enquiring, interdisciplinary, academic environment which will shape community members in positive ways and prepare them for a variety of future careers.

Our location is superb: in the very centre of the city, close to all major study resources, very convenient for academic life, entertainment, public transport, and pretty much everything (except parking). We have a large student common room, an elegant dining hall, and a beautiful main quadrangle, all of which become important social spaces for community life – all important for that rounded experience. I hope that you enjoy finding your way around our website and that you are able to locate all the information that you need here.

The Principal