The David Nicholls Memorial Collection is based on the private collection of Britain’s foremost Haiti expert, of which about a quarter deals specifically with Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean territories.

It covers a variety of subjects in the areas of Politics & Theology and Haiti & Caribbean Studies. Particularly strong is the section on Haitian politics, society and culture – areas that David Nicholls explored in several important books. New accessions are added regularly, especially in the Caribbean section.

The Collection holds over 4000 works and pamphlets, along with dissertations, working papers and a number of rare journal titles relating to his area of expertise. It also holds archival material relating to David Nicholls which includes many of his manuscripts, articles, and personal papers.

The collection is catalogued on-line via Oxford University’s OLIS system and researchers and students are now increasingly aware of what it has to offer. Researchers have come from as far afield as the US, Canada and Trinidad to consult books and pamphlets, many of which are unavailable elsewhere.

The collection is open to all interested students and researchers by appointment. Borrowing is not allowed, but photocopying facilities are available. Please contact the College Librarian at to make an appointment.

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