Oxford Prospects and Global Development Institute (OPGDI) exists to promote discussion and inspire new ideas across boundaries of discipline, culture, nation, and politics. We do this by bringing together scholars, students, and distinguished figures to engage collaboratively on the most pressing issues facing our human population in the light of present-day globalisation.

The Institute encourages the exchange of ideas at all levels, by:

  1. Running annual lectures, termly seminars, and dialogues in line with its research clusters.
  2. Inviting distinguished scholars to undertake research projects and collaborations in Oxford.
  3. Awarding scholarships to sponsor excellent visiting/research students to undertake studies and research in Oxford.
  4. Providing an abundance of exchange opportunities for sustainable cross-cultural dialogue.
  5. Linking institutions across the globe and, hence, enhancing and reinforcing their capacity in formulating innovative strategies to address pressing global issues.

OPGDI is affiliated with Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford, and works closely across Oxford colleges and departments.