The Centre was established in 2005 to focus the mission of the College as a whole, fostering ‘the formation of a Christian mind’ through critical engagement between faith and culture.

The Centre aims to bring a Christian perspective to the experience of life in the twenty-first century through:

  • Encouraging theological study in the light of other disciplines
  • Facilitating the study of other disciplines in the light of a Christian mind
  • Developing research in inter-disciplinary Christian studies
  • Fostering culturally aware Christian ministers and leaders
  • Enabling critical Christian thinking on practical and ethical issues

It pursues these aims by:

  • Appointing Research Associates to work in the field of inter-disciplinary Christian studies
  • Supporting Postgraduate Scholars to take research degrees in the University of Oxford
  • Hosting conferences and public lectures by distinguished scholars and practitioners
  • Producing publications resulting from its events

Message from the Director

“‘Only connect’, the words of the English novelist E. M. Forster, are an apt motto for the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture. Since its inception over two decades ago, the Centre has made connections between the academy, the churches and the wider world. Now our dream is to move into a new, exciting phase in which valuable debates on faith traditions, social and cultural questions are set in a global context. For centuries, the world has come to Oxford, now we want the Centre to relate to that world in a richer and more dynamic way. We hope that you will catch the vision and enable us to reach more people, so they too can make new connections.”  Dr Nicholas Wood became Director of the Centre in 2000, following Dr Alan Kreider, who served from 1995.