Regent’s Park is a unique place to come and study theology. It combines over two-hundred years of teaching theology with being a vibrant and diverse community within the University of Oxford, drawing on the best of both traditions.

We utilise the BTh suite of courses to offer flexible patterns of learning to meet a variety of individual circumstances. All levels of the BTh can be studied part-time or full-time.

Most of the teaching is in seminars, small groups of students with a tutor, where the teaching and learning is highly interactive. These seminar groups bring together those who are preparing for Baptist ministry alongside our wider vocational students studying within the BTh suite for other purposes. In addition, there are also some lectures shared with all those studying within the BTh in the wider University.

Vocational students are also members of the Middle Common Room (MCR), where they interact with postgraduate and mature students pursuing academic programmes across the University. Being a student at Regent’s would allow you to engage in all the social, sporting and cultural opportunities in College and the University, although this will inevitably be restricted for part-time students who live further away from Oxford.

Oxford is a great place to study; it is a stimulating environment for those with high academic aspirations, but it is also one in which those with modest academic achievements can find lots of support, learn in small groups, and flourish.

To learn more about studying at Regent’s, watch our promotional video, which includes interviews with those who have studied in College and members of the College staff: