The Centre works in partnership with the Angus Library and Archive at Regent’s Park College and with the Baptist Historical Society. 

The Aims of the Centre are:

  • To develop research and scholarship in Baptist history and theology;
  • To relate Baptist history and theology to Baptist life and principles today;
  • To cultivate awareness of resources for Baptist studies that exist in the Angus Library and elsewhere;
  • To share stories of Baptist life with the wider world.
  • To share in providing continuing ministerial development opportunities, including sabbaticals.
  • To undertake research of contemporary relevance to the Baptist community.

The Centre pursues its aims by:

  • Providing College membership for students studying for research degrees in related areas;
  • Offering research facilities to visiting scholars;
  • Organizing lecture series, seminars and consultations of international significance and publishing these in an appropriate form;
  • Drawing on the facilities of the Angus Library at the highest academic level;
  • Appointing leading specialists as advisors to develop an international network of distinguished Baptist historians and theologians;
  • Appointing Research Associates and Research students of the Centre;
  • Encouraging local churches to record and preserve their histories;
  • Developing publications in cooperation with others to forward all these aims.


The Centre for Baptist Studies can be followed on Twitter @CBSOxford

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