The generous support of alumni and friends has been fundamental to strengthening our foundations while allowing the College to continue to offer a unique dissenting voice at the heart of Oxford - helping to grow our endowment while establishing postgraduate scholarships and pioneering academic centres.

Building on the achievements of recent years, we now aim to make the student experience at Regent's the best it can possibly be. Every gift as we work towards this goal makes a huge difference to us. We are deeply grateful for any level of support you can give.

Telethon 2022: Thanks for your time and support!

In June many alumni received a call from a Regent’s student as part of our campaign to stay in touch with our alumni community. The conversation gave an insight into what the College is like today and a provided the chance to share past experiences of studying at Regent’s and Greyfriars. Students also explained how alumni like you could shape the experience of future generations of students by supporting projects that impact their time here.

Thank you to all alumni who spoke to one of our students and especially to all those who felt able to donate. The support you have given is so gratefully received by all of us at Regent’s and will go towards the student support fund, access and outreach initiatives, and improvements to student facilities.

The student experience

At Regent’s, we aim to give each of our students the best opportunity to excel in their chosen field. To help us to do this effectively, we are seeking support towards two areas:

Graduate scholarships

Over recent years Regent’s has welcomed more postgraduate students than ever before, yet many talented potential students lack the funds needed to embark on graduate studies. Recently, support from alumni and friends has allowed us to launch the The Pamela Sue Anderson Studentship for the Encouragement of the Place of Women in Philosophy and The Greyfriars Scholarship, which provide vital financial support for exceptional postgraduate students at the College.

Student support

The Student Support Fund, launched in the last two years, relies entirely on support from alumni and friends. Hugely valuable to students, it means we can respond with flexibility to unexpected needs or hardship without constraints or restrictions. Its growth will simply allow us to help more students in more ways.

Donate to student support

The living and learning environment

Regents has been developing and improving its site since we arrived here in 1927 and we continue to strive to provide the best quality of accommodation and facilities for our students. Donations towards the development and maintenance of the site and its facilities are extremely helpful so that we can focus on the most pressing needs. For those who wish to leave a lasting legacy, in recognition of generosity there is considerable scope to remember your name or that of a loved one in rooms throughout the College.

Donate to improving College facilities

Outreach and Access

As a small college with a reputation for providing a strong sense of belonging within a diverse and inclusive community, Regent’s has an important role to play dispelling myths about Oxford for young people. With support we can increase our links specifically with schools with a very limited history of students attending Oxbridge, work with young people to inspire and instil confidence to apply.

Donate to outreach and access

Teaching and research

The College has award-winning tutors encouraging their students to aim high and providing excellent academic support, as well as researchers bearing witness to the value of the Humanities in higher education and society, exploring the essence of a fully liveable and a civilised world. It is absolutely vital that we continue to attract and retain the most outstanding academics and safeguard the tutorial system from which students draw such benefit. Building endowed funds would allow us to underpin Fellowships in Biblical Studies and Theology, Philosophy and Ethics, and English as well as to fund teaching posts in Law, History, Geography, Economics and Classics.

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Giving to Regent’s

You play a very important role in helping us to achieve these goals.

You can make a single or regular gift online here.

Make a donation from the USA via Americans for Oxford here.

If you would like to discuss how you can support Regent’s, please contact:

Viola Kerr, Director of Development and Alumni Relations

+44(0)1865 288141