The Regent’s Park College Library Service consists of 3 libraries each with its own distinct focus:

College Library

The College Library is the main library used by students and faculty at Regent’s is available 24 hours a day. It consists of 30,000 books and journals reflecting the humanities focus of the college, including excellent Theology, English, Law, History and Philosophy collections.

The Library facilities also include a graduate study room, study carrels and large tables for individual study. There are public computers, along with wireless access throughout. There is also a photocopier which students are able to access remotely for printing.

The Angus Library and Archive

The Angus Library and Archive is the leading world class collection for the study of Baptist and Nonconformist history and heritage. It is open to researchers from around the world and comprises over 70,000, printed works, manuscripts, minute books and artefacts from the late fifteenth century.

Baptist and non-conformist history is only one of many subjects people research in The Angus, with people also studying, ship building, slavery, human rights, women’s rights, missionary work, geography and linguistics to name a few.

The Angus Library and Archive also has its own website.

David Nicholls Memorial Collection

The David Nicholls Memorial Collection, based on the private collection of Britain’s foremost Haiti expert, comprises some 4,000 volumes. The majority of the texts deal specifically with Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean societies, in addition to David’s collection of theological, sociological and political works.

The library collections are catalogued and searchable using SOLO the university library catalogue.