Life at university can be stressful, with pressures of work and personal or financial worries sometimes taking their toll.  Regent’s Park College takes the health and wellbeing of its members very seriously, and the College has a range of informal and formal resources to help you if things are proving difficult.

Most of us turn to friends when we have problems, but there will be times when you feel you cannot do this, and at such times you should not hesitate to get in touch with one or more of the people listed here.  Sometimes they will simply listen, or it may mean that they will offer advice or refer you to someone who is better placed to offer the right kind of specialised support.  Should you find yourself in distress or difficulty, please do ask for help at an early stage.  You should not ever worry that you are wasting anyone’s time: we are here to help you.

You should also feel free to approach any of these people if you have concerns about another member of the College.  Our policy on confidentiality sets out the circumstances in which information of a personal and private nature may need to be disclosed.  As is made clear there, any disclosure without consent from the individual concerned would only be made in exceptional circumstances, on a strict ‘need to know’ basis, and only after due consultation.  Such an event is rare and restricted to cases where there is very serious risk to one or more individuals.

College Welfare Information:

Our Welfare Lead is Beth Allison-Glenny and her contact details are:
Reception: (01865) (2)88120
Direct line: (01865) (2)88140
Office: Lower Vinson Corridor (near the Craig Knight Room).

Dean and Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Dr Lynn Robson
Direct line:  +44(0)1865 288139
Office: Lower Vinson Corridor

College Counsellor:
Denise Maley
Please note this is by appointment only.

Harassment Advisors:
Dr Christine Joynes:
Dr Leif Dixon:

Disability Coordinator and Lead:
Disability Coordinator:
Disability Lead: Dr Anthony Clarke

Peer Supporters: available from JCR and MCR officers

Out of hours:

Night porter: Douglas Idiahi: 10pm – 6am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (01865 (2)88120)

Junior Deans (if the night porter is not on duty; phone number can be found at Reception):

  • Roger
  • Brody
  • Maria


Additional Resources:

Emergencies at a glance:

Call emergency services on 999

Call the 24/7 Oxfordshire NHS Mental Health Helpline: 01865 904997

Nightline (01865 270270)

Samaritans (tel. 116 123 or email jo@​samaritans.​org)

Accident and Emergency Department at the John Radcliffe Hospital


NHS Services:

College Doctor

27 @ Northgate
Northgate Health Centre
15 Market Street

Telephone: 01865 311500
Registration for College GP:
NHS 111
Oxfordshire Sexual Health Service


Out-of-Hours (non-emergency):

Nightline (01865 270270)
Samaritans (tel. 116 123 or email jo@​samaritans.​org)
Oxford Safe Haven (local support for people experiencing a mental health crisis open 365 days per year. Not a clinical service, but offers listening and advice)


University Services:

Oxford University Counselling Service. For an appointment, please contact: counselling@​admin.​ox.​ac.​uk, 01865 270300, or visit the 3 Worcester Street office.

Counselling Service Self-Help Resources

Take 5 Exam Panic for mental health

Equality & Diversity unit: mental health self-help resources

University’s Disability Advisory Service (DAS)

University Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service (SHVSS) provides a safe space in which to be heard, with advisors offering free support and advice to any current student regardless of age or gender who has been impacted by sexual harassment or violence.

Harassment Advisor Network or contact the Harassment Advisory Service at harassment.​line@​admin.​ox.​ac.​uk.

Peer Supporters

Includes Peers of Colour, Rainbow Peers, Disability Diversity Peers, Peers of Faith and Coffee Ambassadors.

Oxford SU

Safe Lodge Scheme – Any Oxford University student can ask for help from any participating college lodge, under the Safe Lodge scheme. Look out for the green circle by the lodge entrance where you can go in and ask for a phone call back to your own college welfare team and a taxi home.


Sexual Assault Support

Oxfordshire Solace Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) provides confidential specialist support for anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted, including advice on the choices available, forensic services and medical treatment.

Oxford Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre


Other Mental Health Resources (and related issues):

Togetherall Managing Stress and Worry course (register with your Oxford email address)

MIND including Talking Space Plus

Student Minds

Students Against Depression

Papyrus – Prevention of Young Suicide

It Gets Brighter

Minding Your Head

The Wellbeing Thesis

LGBT+ Helpline

Mental Health UK BAME mental health services

Beat- Eating Disorders


Substance Misuse:

Turning Point

Talk to Frank