Dr Elina Wright



Dr Elina Wright

All Saints Saxton Research Fellow

I come from Finland and studied Theology and Education at the University of Helsinki. I also qualified as a Secondary Teacher of Religious Education. I was awarded a Master’s Degree in Theology (MTh) in 2001 and a Doctorate in Theology (ThD) in 2008. My doctoral thesis specialized in Religious Education.

I have previously worked as a Secondary Teacher of Religious Education and as a University Teacher, Senior Lecturer, and Postdoctoral Researcher of Religious Education at the University of Helsinki. Since I became Mrs Wright and moved to England in 2010, I have worked as a Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College London, sponsored by the Academy of Finland. My current post of All Saints Saxton Research Fellow in Education at the University of Oxford is located jointly at the Department of Education and Regent’s Park College, and is funded by All Saints Educational Trust

My primary research interest is in learning, teaching and teacher education in the field of Religious Education. It is both theoretical and practical: it aims at the development of theory-based and evidence-informed pedagogical practices. My current research focuses on understanding teaching and learning in Religious Education from the perspectives of secondary students, student teachers, teacher mentors at schools and teacher educators in a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) course.

I have been an active member of the European Association of Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI). I was recently appointed a Coordinator of the EARLI Special Interest Group (SIG) 9.Phenomenography and Variation Theory for years 2011-2014.