Can Restorative Justice transform society? Lecture by Prof. Michael Taylor

Date: 24/01/2018

In a series of public lectures for the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture, three Regent’s academics will be sharing the fruits of their recent collaboration, interrogating the principles and practices of Restorative Justice from their own particular vantage points: social, historical and liturgical theology.

The first lecture, on Wednesday 24 January at 5pm, will ask whether Restorative Justice can transform society by fostering social justice.  The speaker, Michael Taylor, is Professor Emeritus of Social Theology, University of Birmingham; sometime Director of Christian Aid and Principal of Northern Baptist College, Manchester.

The series will then proceed as follows:

31 January – Restorative Justice and Anthropology: Reframing the Narrative of Victimhood. Dr Matthew Mills – Lecturer in Medieval Studies, Regent’s Park College, Oxford.

7 February – Restorative Justice and Ritual Studies: Rituals of Restoration in the Criminal Justice System and the Church. The Revd Dr Myra Blyth – Tutorial Fellow in Worship and Pastoral Studies, Regent’s Park College, Oxford; sometime Deputy General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and Programme Director at the World Council of Churches.

14 February – Restorative Justice and Forgiveness (1): Exploring the Nature and Implications of the Christian commitment to Forgiveness. Professor Michael Taylor.

21 February – Restorative Justice and Forgiveness (2): The Witness of Empirical Research to the value, or otherwise, of Forgiveness in Restorative Justice Conferencing. Dr Myra Blyth.

28 February – Restorative Justice and Reparation: Towards a Non-Retributive understanding of the value of Satisfaction. Dr Matthew Mills.

All lectures take place at 5pm in the Collier Room
Regent’s Park College
Pusey Street