Annual essay competition, giving pupils in Year 12 (or equivalent) an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills creatively by writing a short essay on a specific theme.

The Staton Essay Prize focuses on the Humanities, reflecting our specialism in teaching and research.  It invites entrants to make connections across different subjects that they are studying at school, or to bring together an academic subject and a personal interest.

The aim is to invite pupils to explore connections between their subjects, to develop their independent research skills, and to encourage them to consider interdisciplinary courses at university.  Participation in an essay competition is also a great thing to include on university applications.

Each year’s theme and questions are usually published at the end of April, with submissions due in July.

2018 – Empowerment


All entries will be acknowledged by letter in the autumn, and candidates whose work is commended by the judges will receive certificates.  Three prizes will be awarded in total: £250 for the best essay overall, and a further two £150 prizes for the runners up.  The three prize-winners, plus two quests, will be invited to an awards dinner in College which usually takes place in October.