Dr Paul Weller book launch on the “Hizmet Movement”

Date: 9/06/2022

Book Launch on Fethullah Gülen and the Hizmet Movement

Regent’s Non-Stipendiary Research Fellow in Religion and Society, and Associate Director of the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture, Dr. Paul Weller, has recently had two books published by Palgrave Macmillan and Springer. These books are the product of a three year externally funded research project based at Regent’s.

With over 22,000 downloads between the two books, they explore the teaching and practice of Fethullah Gülen, a Sunni Muslim scholar of Turkish background who now resides in the USA, and the European development of movement known as Hizmet, (meaning, in Turkish, “service”) inspired by Gülen’s teaching and practice.

Both books can be accessed on an Open Access free download basis, as well as by purchasing hard copies.

Fethullah Gülen’s Teaching and Practice: Inheritance, Context and Interactive Development




Hizmet in Transitions: European Developments of a Turkish-Muslim Inspired Movement




The two books were launched at an Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture event on Monday 9 May, at which two scholars critiqued each book and other participants joined in the discussion. Fethullah Gülen and Hizmet have, in many ways, both been associated with dialogue, and the book launch event has began the centre’s seminars on inter-religious dialogue taking place in College this term. These seminars culminate in a roundtable colloquium on 13 June at which all the seminar speakers will engage with each other’s previous presentations, both in person and remotely.










Further details of topics, speakers and of how to join remotely can be found at:


Papers from the book launches and from the seminar series, as supplemented by a number of other papers on other religions and dialogue, will be published in a special edition of Journal of Dialogue Studies | Institute for Dialogue Studies to be published this Autumn.