Kate Kirkpatrick awarded British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship

Date: 31/05/2021

Photograph by Keiko Ikeuchi.

Many congratulations to Dr Kirkpatrick, Fellow in Philosophy and Christian Ethics and Director of Studies in Philosophy, on the award of a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship.

Dr Kirkpatrick’s research focuses on intersections between philosophy, religion, and culture in twentieth-century French phenomenology, existentialism, and feminism — especially in the works of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. She will use the fellowship to complete a philosophical commentary on Beauvoir’s The Second Sex.


Describing the project, Dr Kirkpatrick said:

“I’m thrilled to receive this support from the British Academy for my next project on Beauvoir, and looking forward to learning more about her diverse reception as I write a philosophical commentary on The Second SexThe Second Sex has been called ‘the feminist Bible’, and the phrase is apt in that the text has generated a wide range of readings, which often focus on part of the text at the expense of the whole. This commentary will interrogate the phenomenological, genealogical, and social constructionist readings and advance my own, by recontextualizing Beauvoir’s project and raising hermeneutical questions about the ethics–and politics–of reading it.”

Principal Dr Rob Ellis added his congratulations on behalf of the College: “We are delighted that Kate Kirkpatrick has been successful in securing this British Academy Fellowship, in a very competitive field. Her work on Simone de Beauvoir is important and ground-breaking, and the recognition that this award signifies is richly deserved.”

Dr Kate Kirkpatrick

The British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship awards 2021