Oxford applicants – could Regent’s Park College be the place for you?

Date: 5/10/2022

Regent’s Park College is committed to attracting students from every type of background, and our aspiration is to have a JCR which is as vibrant and diverse as society at large.  But this is not only an aspiration – we’re already making great progress, and are well ahead of the wider University’s averages in a lot of key areas!  We offer Opportunity Oxford places in all eligible subjects, and have been keen sponsors of the programme since its inception. If you are thinking about applying to Oxford, but worry that it might not be a place for ‘people like you’, then you might want to read on …


Theology, and Philosophy and Theology.  Our Theology tutors have done a great job of offering places to talented candidates who are from less socio-economically privileged backgrounds.  For instance, last year 70% of the offers made in Theology were to candidates who were flagged as ‘widening participation’, and 25% of their offers went to candidates receiving free school meals.


English.  English has a proud record of supporting widening participation applications.  Over 70% of the total English cohort is from a state school background, and in 2021 50% of offers were made to candidates in receipt of free school meals.  Remarkably, as well, in 2021 every single offer made within English was to a candidate who was flagged as coming from a widening participation background!  English also works very hard to attract mature students, and made two offers to students aged over 21 in 2020.


History (including History & English, History & Politics).  Along with English, the History group is the college’s second largest subject area.  Over 85% of all Regent’s historians come from a state school.  In 2021, 90% of History offers went to candidates who were designated as coming from a widening participation background, and 33% of offers went to candidates in receipt of free school meals.  The History admissions team has a track record of offering places to candidates who have been in local authority care.


Geography.  In the last two years, Geography has made 80% of its offers to candidates from state school backgrounds.


Law.  Law has a proud tradition of taking candidates from a diverse array of backgrounds, including well over the University average in terms of candidates who receive free school meals, or who have been in local authority care.