My research interests are in Old and Middle English, Medieval literature more generally, the early history of English, cultural and religious history, English and other languages.  I am concerned to show that early English literature is full and varied, and that there are many connections with and challenges to the literature and culture of the present day.

I have been at Regent’s since 2003, after earlier teaching and research at Cologne, York, Brussels and Manchester.  Since 2012, I have also taught the English language for Mansfield College, Oxford. More recently, I have become Visiting Professor of Medieval English Literature at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany, dividing my time between Oxford and Düsseldorf during the winter semester 2016-17.

My role in College

I teach undergraduates studying for the BA in English, on Old English (Anglo-Saxon) literature and the English language; in other words, the linguistics of English, the nature of English as a language, its differences to other languages, its grammar, style and rich lexicon.

  • Selected Publications