I used to think that theology was for particular people, until I realised how significantly our lives are affected by what we believe, think, feel and do. I am interested in theology in both systematics and the arts, because they both frame conversations for examining how the church has served and/or hindered humanity’s vocation in the world. As such, I engage interdependently with doctrine, ethics, and liturgy using different sources, whilst in dialogue with theologies of liberation.

I am one of the few White members of the national racial justice hub for Baptists Together, and have contributed to research and resources (both academic and creative) pertaining to issues of equality and diversity, particularly in terms of envisioning the theological and socio-political development of Whiteness.

I have wider interests in Black theology, music, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Thomas Aquinas, environmental ethics, and the integration of visceral and cerebral modes of learning for Christian formation.

I am a Baptist Minister, who underwent ministerial formation at Bristol Baptist College. I have had experience of ministering in Wolverhampton, Bristol, Guildford and Honiton (Devon). I have also had opportunities to serve and observe ministry and mission overseas, in Uganda, Rwanda, Israel/Palestine, Thailand and Peru. These experiences were extremely fruitful in providing reflections for my own songwriting.

I have degrees in Theology from the Universities of Bristol (2014) and Durham (2015). I also have a PhD from the University of Aberdeen (2021), which explores the place of lament in the life and thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

My role in college

I am a Lecturer in Ministerial Formation, which means I teach and assess various modules on the BTh course. I also act as a personal tutor for some of our students and support the senior tutor of pastoral studies. 


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  • Awake in Gethsemane: Bonhoeffer and the Witness of Christian Lament (Waco: Baylor University Press, 2023).

Book chapters

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