Statement from the Principal

Date: 23/05/2024

To the College Community

Mutual respect and toleration and the freedom of religion or belief is a central pillar of Baptist identity and thus foundational to the ethos of Regent’s. This is reflected in much of the work of the College and, speaking personally, is a subject to which I have devoted much of my professional academic life.

Early this week anti-Semitic graffiti in the form of a number of swastikas was found within the College. This is deeply shocking and is a matter that the College, and I personally, take extremely seriously. Such behaviour has no place here and cannot be considered acceptable under any circumstances. We do not know who did this or why it was done; but be assured that appropriate action will be taken should we become aware of the identity of those responsible – as it would in respect of any such display of hatred or hostility towards members of our College, or others.

Steps have already been taken to provide support and we will continue to assist all students who have been affected by what has occurred. The College has always prided itself on offering a welcoming and inclusive community – something which has recently been confirmed in a JCR survey of student life. I hope that we are able to learn from what has happened by being reminded of the need to be understanding and supportive of each other as we share in our common life together. I am confident that the values that underpin the College will continue to guide us as we do so.

Sir Malcolm Evans

Principal, Regent’s Park College