The Reflecting Together Project

Loneliness and isolation experienced by older people in South Tyneside

Stefanie Conradt is a current fellow of the William Leech Research Fund and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the Centre for Baptist Studies.

Stefanie is undertaking a 12-month theological action research project in South Tyneside with the charity Churches Together South Tyneside – CTST. Working together with CTST’s members, trustees, staff and volunteers, Stefanie is researching how loneliness and isolation is experienced by the community’s older members.

By reflecting together on what is offered by the beneficiaries and local parishioners, the hope is to create a more connected and supportive environment, as well as new ways of engagement for CTST. Including external representatives of local churches and social care and health care agencies in this theological reflection process, the goal is to impact their priorities and ways of working, as well, so that the social and individual dimensions of isolation and loneliness are addressed. The project also plans to involve fellow theological educators in the reflective dialogue, the hope being to contribute to the discourse between practice and academia. With this dedication to reflective practices, this project will provide a distinct voice from the deprived region of South Tyneside.