The Centre for Baptist Studies is pleased to host Project Violet.

It is co-led by Helen Cameron and Jane Day.

Full information about the project can be found on its website:

Project Violet is named after Violet Hedger, the first Baptist woman to be trained for ordination at Regent’s Park College.

Project Violet has investigated women’s experiences in ministry whilst developing women ministers. The project has helped understand more fully the theological, missional, and structural obstacles women ministers face in the Baptist community in Great Britain and identify ways forward.

Participants have been engaged in research and supported in asking questions and seeking answers. They have been accompanied through the project so that their own voice as an advocate for change has developed.

The project will lead to theological and practical findings which will be made available on the project website on 2 May 2024.

You can follow the Project on Twitter (X) (@ProjectViolet1) or Facebook.

A webinar was held on 23rd November 2023 to discuss how to respond to the findings of Project Violet.  The PowerPoint slides are here Project Violet November 2023 and you can watch  the video here:


Season One of the Project Violet Podcast is now available.


The Centre for Baptist Studies has also published a book about the early woman Baptist pioneer Edith Gates, available here: ‘A Woman Shall Do It’: Edith Gates, Neglected Pioneer (2023), Chris Voke

Accountability statement:

Project Violet has researched women’s experiences of Baptist ministry.  It has uncovered sorrows as well as joys, unjust treatment as well as flourishing.  The process of publishing and considering the findings may give rise to strong opinions and disagreements.  Where these are expressed charitably, they are welcomed but where they undermine the identity and ministry of an individual they are not.

Jane Day and Helen Cameron as Project Violet Co-leaders welcome scrutiny of their behaviour.

Complaints about Jane Day can be made in the first instance by contacting her line manager Diane Watts, Faith & Society Team Leader, Baptists Together ( or by accessing the ministerial complaints process.

The Baptist Union of Great Britain : Complaint against an Accredited Minister

Complaints about Helen Cameron can be made in the first instance by contacting Dr Tim Middleton, Director, Centre for Baptist Studies, Regent’s Park College, Oxford.

If things are said that undermine the identity and ministry of any of the participants of Project Violet, a complaint will be made by Regent’s Park College who are responsible for Project Violet, to the relevant Baptist organisation.