The History and Economics course integrates these two subjects to form a coherent and intellectually stimulating programme.

The combination allows insights that neither subject can realise alone. However, it is possible to specialise primarily in either History or Economics while still preserving the benefits of an integrated approach. The combination of economics, economic history and history (political as well as social) means that you will be equipped to view issues in the real world from a variety of contrasting perspectives. You will learn both the historian’s careful approaches to evidence and argumentation and the economist’s analytical and quantitative methods, providing an excellent preparation for a range of professional, financial and academic careers. Regent’s typically admits one student in History and Economics each year.

When applying are students asked to submit written work?

Yes, candidates should submit one recent marked coursework essay on an historical topic (or equivalent).

Do I need to sit a test?

Yes. All candidates must take the History Aptitude Test (HAT) and the Thinking Skills Assessment: Section 1 (TSA S1).

What proportion of the teaching in History is done by Regent’s tutors?

Most of the first year is taught in Regent’s, as is about half of the second and third years depending on which option papers are chosen.

How close is Regent’s to the faculty libraries and resources?

History – 10 minute walk

Economics – 15 minute walk

How are students in History & Economics taught?

Students have around two essays or problem sets each week which are discussed in depth in tutorials, and they attend lectures. Some History papers are taught in faculty classes, and some Economics papers in the second and third years are also taught in departmental tutorials or classes.

What can a first year student expect to study?

In the first year you will take three History papers. These will be either Historiography or Approaches to History, one General History paper, and an Optional Subject in the final term of the academic year. This means that you will take one fewer History paper than a single honours historian, but you will also take both Micro and Macroeconomics so your overall workload will be slightly greater.

What do the students say?

“Being the only History and Economics student at Regent’s, I thought I’d feel excluded and out of place, but you just get adopted by both departments, as well as getting special attention for being an individual.”

“With History and Economics you get the best of both worlds. Not only do I have great tutors and great friends at Regent’s, but I know all the other first years on the course and we’re all really close.”

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    2 students admitted each year

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    Course information

    A BA in 3 years UCAS code: LV11
    Deferred entry available
    Grade requirements: AAA

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    Director of Studies

    Dr Leif Dixon

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    RPC Admissions Officer

    +44 (0) 1865 288153